Analista de Riesgo Financiero

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Descripción del trabajo

Assist in ensuring the Bank is compliant with AML regulatoryobligations to detect and report suspicious activity by:      

  Conducting thoroughanalysis to support a reasoned and accurate assessment consistent with theCustomer Risk Rating assigned per case.

Investigating and analyzing exceptional transactions oridentified unusual patterns of international payment activity and/or tradefinance activity by applying expert knowledge to assess AML and operationalrisk exposures

Applying advanced research skills to develop businessintelligence on specific industries and business models to support expert andin-depth anti-money laundering investigations of client relationships.

Applying advanced research skills to develop intelligence onPolitically Exposed Persons (PEPs) to support expert and in-depth anti-moneylaundering investigations.

Preparing and escalating activities deemed as ‘UnusualTransactions’ to GAMLU by ensuring adequate and accurate supporting documentsare submitted to GAMLU to validate the escalation.

Maintaining proper records and audit trail of due diligenceactivity and disposition actions for all alerts.

Prioritizing all requests for information, establishingresponse times and escalating requests as required.

Preparing and escalating PEP and sanction-relatedrelationships with supporting documents to GAMLU

 Assist in mitigating AML – related financial and reputationrisk to the Bank by:

Preparing written risk assessment reports and case memorandafor the purposes of executive and/or testing audiences (internal and external)

Recommending remediation plan or termination ofrelationships

Providing superior service and support to the business unitsas an AML subject matter expert

Developing and maintaining a sound knowledge andunderstanding of the Bank’s AML policies and procedures, money laundering andterrorist financing issues, regulations, industry best practices, criminaltypologies and developing trends

Keeping informed of industry trends and typologies byparticipating in AML training sessions and accessing industry resources.

 • Contribute to the EDDU’s productivity and service by:

Achieving optimum service levels by promptly managingassigned cases and ensuring the breadth and depth of case review activities arecommensurate with the risk profile of the client and in accordance with theEnterprise Wide Anti-Money Laundering & Anti-Terrorist Financing Policy andassociated written procedures

Actively identifying opportunities for process and systemimprovements, and participate as appropriate in the implementation process

Identifying and share emerging risk factors and trends thatmay impact AML, Fraud and Credit Risk exposure

Contributing to the development of typologies based onsignificant cases

Identifying trends to improve service to Clients

Responding promptly to requests and concerns from Partners,Security & Investigations, and other risk functions across the ScotiabankGroup.

 Understand how the Bank’s risk appetite and risk cultureshould be considered in day-to-day activities and decisions.

Actively pursues effective and efficient operations ofhis/her respective areas, while ensuring the adequacy, adherence to andeffectiveness of day-to-day business controls to meet obligations with respectto operational risk, regulatory compliance risk, AML/ATF risk and conduct risk,including but not limited to responsibilities under the Operational Risk ManagementFramework, Regulatory Compliance Risk Management Framework, AML/ATF GlobalHandbook and the Guidelines for Business Conduct.t possess money laundering orterrorist financing risks


Strong analytical skills to make rational and logicalinterpretations and determine whether there are grounds for suspicion or EDD,at times with limited information

Solid knowledge of the Scotiabank Group Anti-MoneyLaundering and KYC policies and procedures

Experience and a sound understanding of banking unitactivity and practices. Banking unit knowledge of: Retail and/or Small Business

Thorough knowledge of the Bank’s Regulatory and Compliancerequirements as they relate to customer onboarding

English, Spanish & French (would be an asset)

Thorough knowledge of Banking systems and applications thatsupport the Unit’s processes i.e. EDDU Case Management (DDCMT¬¬), WorldCheck,Fortent, etc.

Strong analytical skills to make rational and logicaldeductions, at times with limited information

Ability to gather, analyze, organize, document and presentlarge volumes of information in a succinct and organized manner

Post-secondary education is desirable with a preferredminimum of 1-3 years of Branch and/or Operations experience preferably in oneor more of the business units listed above

English, Spanish & French will be an asset

  • Salario (Pesos colombianos)$1.000.000 - $3.000.000
  • NivelAdministración
  • Experiencia laboralMenos de un año
  • Identidad de géneroCualquier identidad
  • IndustriaServicios
  • EducaciónProfesional
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